EUMatrix can deliver tailored communications solutions in support of clients' business strategies. We can use our contacts in the media to promote clients to public and private stakeholders throughout Europe and beyond.
We develop media campaigns, formulate and distribute press releases, organise press conferences and serve as a contact point for reporters and journalists.
However, the art of media relations is just one string to our bow. We also offer a wider communications service, which includes writing, editing and creating promotional material such as marketing brochures, website content, posters and newsletters.
Communications activities are a key component of a successful lobbying campaign:

➢ enhance reputation and assist in brand-building campaigns

➢ give clients a voice in debates on policy legislation

➢ help clients' messages reach their intended audience

➢ support the development of crisis management plans

➢ enable access to a broad coverage of issues through our extensive network of media contacts and media relations activity