EU regulatory advice

If you want to be heard, if you want to engage in debate on regulatory affairs, if you have an important message to deliver to society, we are here to help you make a difference.
EUMatrix guides you through the complex myriad of European policymaking processes and offers tailor-made services built on trust and reliance. We facilitate the discourse, help you to approach stakeholders and ensure that your needs are taken on board by decision-makers.
Let EUMatrix become the ambassador of your ideas.

➢ We act as a "watchdog", providing valuable intelligence on markets, trade policy and legislation.

➢ We monitor and analyse EU institutions' participation in global policymaking and utilise our network of decision-makers where appropriate.

➢ We use our knowledge of the multi-dimensional EU system to help you:

  • understand the degree of certainty of political decisions
  • perform quick and effective investigations on information coming from the market
  • measure the impact of potential outcomes
  • help you to shape a fair and stable regulatory environment