International Activities

EUMatrix may be based in Brussels but our influence extends across the globe. We offer the following services and expertise:

➢ Analysis of the political, legal and economic situation of a particular country and its possible impact on industry

➢ Analysis of international policy and its impact on a particular organisation or country

➢ Identification of main players on the market and analysis of their market positioning

➢ Analysis of trends of technological developments affecting industry

➢ Identification of regulatory obstacles to the entry of foreign players in the EU market

We have experience of operating with companies, trade associations and governments in the following countries:

➢ Russia (represented the interests of a major health company)

➢ CIS Countries (energy producer)
➢ Brazil (oil producer)
➢ India (IT company)
➢ Morocco (medical device company)
➢ Italy (e-health company)
➢ Spain (software company)
➢ Italy (oil producer)